Saturday, November 5, 2011


Before dawn, there's dusk.
Before the dusk, there's dawn.
This will be a long and maybe funny article, but I daresay, it has to be written and published and you will most definitely comment on it. I was making my way around campus sometime yesterday with a book in hand. See, most people think that we cannot surely multi-task, but I beg to differ (loudly) on this one. Our minds have the uncanny ability to map our environment. Taking my case, I walk past the administration block to class, then the library and sometimes the computer lab, how hard is that?
So, I know what turn leads to which building on campus and that's why I can read while walking, simple! So, while doing so-this girl asks me "hey,you mean you can read while walking, isn't that dangerous?"
I smiled and replied, "my two-year old nephew can walk around the house when there's a blackout, now isn't that dangerous?" She smiled and we forged a ten minute friendship that was sealed by a conversation based on the dumb things people say and do.
So, here's a list of some of the retorts that we came up with:
"I do not lie, I simply told him I would see him in three minutes, and that's after I finish having lunch."
"I am not addicted to coffee, I simply love taking coffee-there's a difference."
"I am not saying you are wrong, I am saying that you need to stop doing that and do something smart."
"Isn't she awful? She was busy talking about you behind your back and we were like...listening and stuff and it was kinda funny, but what she did was bad."
"I'm not saying I won't do it, I am saying I would rather watch a movie than sit down to write an essay."
I was amazed at how easy it was to chat to a stranger. It somehow got me thinking about habits and indulgence. Like people who smoke can simply meet another smoker and ask for a lighter or a cigarette and puff away while talking. People who sit around at Kencom, can share a newspaper and talk about politics all day. Psychology majors here on campus, can sit down and immediately unleash all the psychosis in them over a drink or two. It brings to light the saying that "birds of a feather flock together."
I must admit that this time I asked the girl her name and as such made a new friend. As she left for class, our conversation got me thinking of dawns and dusks. The dawn signifies a beginning while the dusk the end of what was, and hopefully another lesson to be learnt. We meet new people daily, and at times we fail to share experiences or simply engage in conversation because of our fears. At times we might be willing to do so, but they are wary and as such hold back. Like in a matatu or bus, it would be hard to initiate a conversation with a stranger. But, isn't that what makes it unique and worthwhile? Just knowing that you can sit down to chat with someone and learn something from them or about their personality is mindblowing.
So take that step once in a while, delve into the unknown and simply have a chat with someone.