Monday, November 7, 2011


If you re-arrange the letters that make up "PLEASE" you would form the word "ASLEEP."
I have been thinking of what to do next given that I graduate this Fall, and as such need to start fending for myself financially. So, there I was out and about when I ran into a guy (a very fine guy) and we started chatting. He wanted to know how to get to Maasai market and I was chilling for the school bus, so we got talking. He's Australian and has been living in Kenya for the past two months. He moved into a single room in Kibera for his Masters' project. He's a writer and wants to finally publish a book for children. He was watching the news one day (CNN) when he saw them air something on upgrading of the Kibera slums. He looked it up online and the next thing he knew he was on a flight to Kenya.
So I asked, why Kibera?
He replied, "there was this boy online, YouTube I think, who was so happy that they had moved into a house that was not leaking anymore and that had a door he could lock, without having to lean some jerricans of water against it."
I was taken by his project and we ended up walking to Masaai market together and I showed him around. He was a gentleman and even saw me back to the bus stop and waved till the bus disappeared (I think).
I was halfway across the town when it hit me that I never asked for his number, all I have is the name Reagan. I tried searching that and you can guess how many hits I got. So, back to the story, I love twisting words at times to know what it's all about or gain a new perspective. I have told you of how 'EVIL' can be spelled backwards to produce 'LIVE.'
So, as you are reading this-is there something you have always wanted to do? I mean something that you felt was right for you, that would somehow give you some kind of joy or peace of mind? You would be shocked at the number of people who blame their inadequacies on everything including life which has presented them with opportunities. Some blame their parents, friends, relatives, money and time-while others continuously blame themselves and as such sink deeper into depression and alienation. I learned something from our conversation with Reagan yesterday. I learned that when it comes to peace of mind, no one can give you that, you have to seek it and attain it. You also can do something great while doing the one thing people think is low and not pleasing. Human beings are at the core of everything on earth. Reagan is providing free English tuition for children in Kibera, but he's also writing about it. He has to write a novel for his masters' project and he figured the best way to do it, was to know how that boy (he saw on YouTube) lived like and how he lives now.
He told me his parents were not happy because he had a steady income as a freelance writer for some magazines home. He said he had spent his life being the 'good son' but somehow his heart wanted travel and adventure. When he saw the news that day, he just saw his opportunity to finally have that peace of mind. I am not saying that you simply watch CNN and then pack your bags and leave, I am saying that when you live to please people you are asleep!
When your aim is to make everyone around you happy, the real you, the one who is brilliant and talented, the one who can make the world a better place is asleep!
So, wake up!