Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Wind that Blows.

So, sometime last week I was seated at a local hangout on campus going through my Chinese Hanzi (characters) in preparation for the class, when I overheard a very interesting conversation. There were two girls seated directly opposite me and they were irked by the numbness and folly of their friend. I was exhausted with my head throbbing so fast and the pain killers I took being of no help when their conversation took a very different turn. First, they pitied their friend for falling in love with the wrong breed of guy and second for being a mother at the age of 22. It switched to loathe and contempt when they saw that she did love the guy and was reluctant to get an education, but aspired to be a housewife. One girl narrated to the other their friend's folly and the listener simply laughed it off or made snipe remarks as such fueling the conversation negatively.
First they did not understand how she could be so happy that her boyfriend gave her ten thousand shillings to buy a phone. Ten thousand shillings is too cheap for a good phone to them and as such a Samsung Galaxy tab would have been the ideal gift. They also found it stupid that she would let herself get rained on rather than call up her boyfriend who has a car to pick her up. They also did not understand why he was always bent on telling her not to wear jean trousers but to stick to dresses-to them they would wear the skimpiest of clothes so the guy could know that they had game and could score dates and attention.  It got better when the listener said "maybe she really loves him." At this point the girl who was ranting shrieked and I lifted my head just to glance at her. I must confess that beauty comes in various forms, but the only beauty that's worth any attention is that of the soul. She looked at her friend completely oblivious (or not) of my presence and stated "love is the worst thing that can happen to people." At this point I guessed three things: First she is single, second she just got dumped and lastly she's lonely and somehow can't seem to attract any guy's attention. That aside, she went on to create a very vivid picture of how stupid their friend was for loving a guy who clearly showed no interest or intention of marrying her. This conversation was halted when my friend invited me to coffee and I left that place feeling drained. It was as though my headache just dissolved and my heart was a little if not completely wary. I had thought of all the things that could have gone wrong between the girls and came up with nothing. I also thought of what happens when your friends would rather talk negatively about you behind your back and positively in your presence. I thought of whoever said "sticks and stones might hurt me but words don't break a bone" and it hit me that I think too much.
Ten sips of coffee later and I had figured the right answer to my state of emptiness-I had believed that people are inherently good and instead of doing so at that moment I had actually found those girls mean and evil.
Have you ever wondered why the wind blows?
The wind can with such might set things asunder. It can also be as gentle as a breeze.  Aren't people like that too? They can be the best of friends and the right answer in a time of dire need, but when tables are turned they can be the same people who lead to your downfall. Truth is they are still people, they are still human beings. It's no wonder legends we know were brought down by people they were trying to liberate.