Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Change, what does it mean to you?
Is it fear or anticipation?
in anticipation you look forward to change and trust that you will learn loads, but with fear you reflect a lack of trust in life and yourself. There are two kinds of fear when it comes to change: fear of changing and the fear of change.
Fear of changing is mostly attributed to your lack of confidence in initiating change, while fear of change is mostly based on external factors with a person believing that life is hostile and what is coming is awful. In other words: fear of changing is the fear of screwing up while the fear of change is fear of getting screwed!
Having some of the moste weird fascinations, I stumbled upon some root words-and would you believe what learning is founded upon? Learning takes its root words from the Latin words : "studere" and "sage."
"Studere" or better yet "student" refers to being eager to know about something, while "sage" refers to knowing or tasting wisdom.  You might fear change or be slow to initiate it, but at the end of it all you are learning, and what matters also is how best you learn. Are you willing to embrace change to learn more or simpy stay safe and learn the little you can? Learning plays a huge role in creating change and adapting to it. Say for example you learn a foreign language like Spanish, and some time in your life you get to
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work for an international organization-this will help you communicate. We engage in various activities for various reasons-like a child might play for fun, and also to make new friends, and a student may take up a course so they can apply the skills they gain in advancing an aspect of their life if not the whole of it.
Change can be scary. It can also mean that you go through some tough times before things add up, but what matters is your attitude to it- let it be, let it all in, with teh hope of not only being a better person, but also of influencing a few areas and people in your life. We change every second, we have thoughts, dreams, ambitions, and we are constantly in action, so let it all in,dor not fear change or fear changing-be the change.