Friday, February 3, 2012


It is 6:33pm as I sit down to type this and my heart goes out to so many people that at this moment I feel as though it is going to burst and leave me free- free to breathe again, love and see the beauty around me.
Awesome intro right???
Well, it is true quick question though... are you caged?
Are you living in  cage?
Well, I am talking about a structure that you are locked in and cannot get out, and say maybe some people come from all over the world to see you and take pictures, others stay with you only to publish books and make you famous as a tool for enlightenment all the while you are still locked in that structure with a guard and meal times scheduled as the guard finds suitable. So are you caged?
Well, if your answer is NO, that would do for this first part. Next quick question, do you live to please others? Like are your afraid that what you want to do might not impress your folks, friends, teachers, neighbors and as such you act normal and do what they say? Am sensing a maybe on that question, so given that my heart ain't bleeding yet, I figured I should create a list, just some sample scenarios of people who are caged and you can tick those that apply to you.
Pursuing a dgree because your folks say that it will make you more money whne you graduate, while in essence you want to try something else.
Not saying no when someone asks you to go out of your way to make them comfortable.
Following routine because "it has been in the family for ages."
Being talked into doing something that you are not set on, say going for a movie or to a club when what you really want to do is have some nyama choma with other friends.
Listening to a station that plays the kind of music you can't stand because if you ask to change the station, someone might get mad at you.

So, list had like 25 of such, but I have to keep some to myself. Being caged is simply not being free to do what you want or achieve something that would bring immense pleasure to you. I have heard of guys say that when their girlfriends demand attention they feel caged and as such tend to withdraw. Some do this because they can, others simply do it out of malice knowing that they can get other girls just for fun, but I like the latter because they are not caged but still have a leash around their neck-and karma being the queen of experience teaches them a lesson and they find themselves constantly caged! Being caged means people have imposed their will on you and as such you are not doing that which you desire.
Every person finds themself in a situation that could have them caged or worse off that could destroy their self-esteem and they fail to unleash thier potential. For everything you are doing this February stop and ask yourself-do I really want to do this? If your heart is not in it, then the results will only serve for a while, but wouldn't make an everlasting impact. It hurts like I started out saying that most people live in cages-the only difference bewteen them and animals in a zoo is that they are not on display. The human Mind is so powerful that to date scientists still get amazed at how much it can conceive and how much this enables a person to achieve. It is also sad that being emotionally caged does not create so much room for freedom. Most people think that they cannot do anything and the line between doing things to please others because you want to and because you feel responsible is very thin-yet easy to point out. If you do stuff to avoid being cast out by a society-because you have been taught what is right and wrong-that means your are being responsible about your cage. If you say help out a friend even though it has inconvenienced you that is simply because you want to.
Living in a cage-means you are hesitant, and most of the time would rather play it safe that risk a move that could potentially make you free, Last quick question-are you in a cage? What's yours?

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?