Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Love,Destruction, Love...and the cycle continues

Why do people often love, then destroy then love again that which they value the most?

I was talking to a good friend who started her year on a note that she wouldn't have wanted for herself. She had just broken up with her boyfriend. They had been dating for three years and she came to realize that he was involved with another lady. She was heartbroken and when she came to see me all I could do was offer her a cup of coffee and listen. She prompted the question and for once I had the answer to it. Yes, I have the answer to the question but it involves a History lesson. I know she hates History, so all I could say was "they do, because they do." She put the cup of coffee aside and shrieked, "What?"

Before I could say a word she started "Dora, I am not in the mood for any your philosophical ramblings! I asked a question and I expect an answer!"  I smiled at her, which was very inconsiderate of me to do at the time, but here it goes: people love, then destroy and then love again things they value because it is in their nature to do so. It is them. It is in people to do this.

So given that few people I have encountered love History I will try and break it down for you. Jesus, Gandhi,  Lao-Tzu, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Patrice Lumumba, John Kennedy, Benazir Bhutto, Various Freedom Fighters and any person fighting for social justice. These are but some few examples of people whose history I have read about and whose ideologies are still cherished to date. These people sought the best for all people. It is true that they faced so much persecution that some like Malcolm X and Martin Luther were killed before even realizing their dream. Of those mentioned the ones that died came to their death at their prime. So, question is why were they destroyed? Why did people see it fit to get rid of them?

Worse off why did they achieve hero status or saintly status after they are dead? Well, it's human nature sadly so to be pessimistic. If something is too good to be true then it is wrong. If someone is too happy then they are high on something. The same applies to people and the things we value. Unless humans try their best to put each other down, destroy, hurt or bring to shame others then it will not be of importance to them. The people I mentioned a while back are legends because though persecuted they never hit back or hated their oppressors, so when they die, their true beauty and honesty is seen. What people are left with are memories and a desire to be like them. So could the destruction of what a person loves be attributed to envy? Partly so, but mostly cowardice, what most people do not know is how much potential they have. If someone can surely help fight bullying in schools, so can you. The only difference between you two is the other took the initiative and is determined to see his/her cause through. So that said, if you ever wonder why people love, destroy then love again things they value now you have an answer.

What remains then is…can this be changed? Are there people who do not destroy what they love? Yes, there are and sadly enough they are seen as outcasts detained or killed. So the next time someone is doing something good for humanity, hold your tongue against speaking ill of them or undermining their work, because that in itself is hurting or destroying what they are doing.

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?