Monday, January 2, 2012

Lessons From Taoism

I spent a day reading Matilde Asensi's "Everything under the Sky" and was inspired by her depth of research on Taoism. Tao is simply 'the way.' To most it is a way of life that creates harmony,an inner balance  at times depicted as that between the Yin and the Yang. The main character of the book- Elvira,is summoned to China to settle her late husband's affairs. The guy leaves her nothing but debt,and she learns he was murdered over a precious ancient Chinese heirloom. This takes on a journey to discover the treasure with her niece,servant,journalist and an antiquarian. It's remarkable how much patience and understanding the monks or masters of Tao possess.  'Because one is moderate,one may be said to follow the way from the start. Following the way from the start,one may be said to accumulate an abundance of virtue. Accumulating an abundance of virtue,there is nothing one cannot overcome. When there is nothing one cannot overcome,no one knows his own limits.' This is one of my fave lines by Lao-tzu. This new year work on a project be it personal or public,aim to be a better person who is full of love and understanding. Do not hold back for your potential has no limits. Happy new year and see you soon,got lots to share too this year.