Sunday, January 15, 2012


I love having neighbours. They always come in different styles like spices,and when you think you've had enough they surprise you. So y'all know that I have been staying in a hostel just around campus,and that the party never stops here. So having slept at 2am while journaling,my rest was disturbed by drunk neighbours staggering back home. The doors we have are metallic and each time they struggled to open their doors all I could do was cringe. The neighbour upstairs had yet another fight with his girlfriend-the previous night she yelled at him saying she hated him,this time she kept saying she was leaving him. They argued till 5am. I woke up today and she was still there,wonder who left the alcohol or the anger? So after attending mass, we head home with my roomie and as always she says she slept right through it! So,at 1pm we see smoke seep through our door,and before I put my pen down she is out running away from the room to catch her breath. Our new neighbour,two rooms to the right is out and her house is on fire. All the guys rushed with buckets of water to put out the fire,and this got me thinking of why I love  such neighbours. They help. They may party monday to sunday,but the fact that they care for each other just blew me away. I am getting my clothes off the line now,and trying to send this post to Jodie asap! It's just like spices. They taste different,look different,and their cost varies but if mixed well they make a meal tasty.