Monday, January 9, 2012

The Stone Collector

Before you start thinking am writing a sequel allow me to spill the beans. I am a stone collector! I do not collect precious stones like Jade, Beryl, rubies or stuff that have value around a woman's neck or finger. I collect the stones you are apt to kick as you walk. I have a few of gravel too. My room mate always says that she knows a Luo can throw a stone given the various outbursts at some football matches gone wrong. I always retort that we are descendants of David. I threw away the stones I had collected today and never have I had such peace and understanding. Each stone was valuable to me,and in throwing them  it hit me that we have to let go of stuff that's beyond us. We are so talented and capable of great things but we get put down when things go wrong. If something is a constant pain,change how you perceive it,if that doesn't help-move on to understanding it. When it comes to people they are like stones: you can kick them,step on them,throw them,use them to inflict pain,they can trip you,they can support you. You can choose to put a price tag on them or not. Everyone through this analogy is a stone collector,question is what do you attribute your stones to? Do you let go when it's time or hold on with the weight hurting your shoulder?