Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be a Mensch- The Art of Enchantment

Valentines Days sucks if you are single, but it even gets worse if you are in a relationship and the one gift you want is Coffee, but you get a bunch of roses that you cannot consume or simply devour! Yeah, that said, I had a pretty crazy weekend, but now that am all settled and listening to The Jonas Brothers full time- I figured a good read would get my mind working! So, what do I grab? "The Wraith" by Goodloe Byron and "Enchantment" by Guy Kawasaki. I am still reading the former but please check him out at www.brownpaperpublishing.com , and on the latter, am amazed.
Guy Kawasaki's "Enchantment" is a book on how to influence others for good, simply put how to chnage people's hearts, minds and actions- and getting people actively involved in a good cause. He does not however say that you can burn yourself and start a revolution-but he's got some great tips that are simple but often overlooked by most people. So, do you have some good cause in mind? Do you want to reach out to loads of people?
Well I liked his third Chapter on "Being Human" and he talks of being a "Mensch" (Yiddish/German for : Human Being) and some pointers from the book include:
  1. Act with honesty
  2. Treat people with politeness
  3. Keep your promise
  4. Help People
  5. Banish criticism
  6. Hire People
  7. Do not interrupt others
  8. Do not harm people
  9. Do not be too swift
  10. Share
  11. Altruism
  12. Benefit of the doubt
Enchantment is all about delighting people with something-getting people hooked on something such that they are thrilled about who you are and what you stand for, and a great way to enchant people is first by being human!
While you are at it, check out what enchanted me online at www.12most.com a cool site, that is all about twelve aspects of everything people encounter in life. Visit Guy too at : www.guykawasaki.com