Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Before you leave.

You came in and stood by the door then looked at me. You had your hands in your pocket, headphones on-and the look, that beautiful look that condemned me to hell. I stood there, and you made your way in-you shoved me aside.
You sat there, and I stood by the door.
I had my keys in my hand, my bag on my shoulder and my eyes set on the floor. I never knew we had such beautiful tiles on our floor. The touch of emerald green took my breath away and I sighed. You stared at me and I knew you had to say it.
"It's okay, I understand."
"Do you really?"
"Listen, I know it's hard for you and all, so yeah I get it. You do not have to apologize."
"Look, could we at least talk about what happened, I mean...I am sorry you had to find out that way, but am just sick and tired of all this. I guess we need to talk."
"I am going out for a walk."
"Well, I was before you let yourself in."
"Look, please listen to what I have to say, I promise I won't take much of your time."
"You already have, and I have listened to you. It's all I have been doing."
"Please don't be cryptic right now, I just need to know how you are doing with all that has happened."
"I am better, it's you who needs to listen."
"You are special do you know that?"
"I do, do you?"
"Stop that will you, and I swear to God, that I will not let you down."
"I know you won't, but can you tell yourself the same thing?"
"I wish I were you, you are always smiling, reading or writing and simply sure of what's to come, like it's beautiful and you so are, but am just stumped right now after what I did, and I want to make things right, I just don't know how, or why...all I know is that, you are the one."
"I need to go out for that walk now, before the heat intensifies."
"Did you hear what I just said."
"I did, did you?"
"Could you just stop for a minute and listen to yourself?" You walked out of the room, and stood beside me as I locked the door. I could hear you-the signal was so clear, my heart knew you were right, but who's to tell what might become of you in the next second? I see you are special, and talented-but you see it not, so how can you cherish what's special without feeling it? You oughtta look at yourself, if only for a minute and see the real you, before you cherish the real me.
And yeah, before you leave...just know that I heard what you said, I still hear it, two years down the line.

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?