Friday, February 17, 2012

I'd love to ask...

1. In your song "Marry You", you say "it's a beautiful night and you are looking for something dumb to do...then say say 'hey baby I think I wanna marry you" Right?
Him: Right
Me: So, let's be honest would you? I mean there are quickie chapels in Vegas and all -and Britney was married for what, 72 hours before she sobered up and all-so would you for real marry a girl after saying you are looking for something dumb to do?
Him: *laughs* then *gets serious* Okay, music is all about expressing what you feel,and at times when you are with someone who makes you feel so great, I mean, who wouldn't think of that?
Me: I wouldn't, but's a great song, reminds me of the dance moves in HairspraySurprised smile

2. Okay, so why the name LMFAO?
Them: It's cool, and we like to have fun, have a laugh-so why not?
Me: Yeah, so let's be real-okay I loved the whole shuffle moves with Party Rock out and I reckon my cuz loves Champagne Showers because of the beats and all, but you had to go and simply make a clown moment of it all, with "Sexy and I know it."
Them: Really, we did?
Me: Yeah, I mean it starts out okay before guys start stripping and wiggling their junk-now seriously, I ain't got no beef-wish I had, but am glad that you guys have done two things.
Redfoo: What two things?
Me: Well, first you have settled the score-most music videos have women either partially naked or naked just to sell-and you went and made it even now guys can wiggle their junk and say they are sexy and they know it. Thank you very much! Second, well-you have lived up to your name because everytime I hear there's a song by LMFAO I am seriously LMFAO!

3. Hey, Gavin what's good?
Gavin: I'm good, things are pretty much okay.
Me: sorry about what happened to you earlier on, am glad you are okay and well, you turned a year older and your album is doing great, don't get me started on "Not Over you"-that song is amazing!
Gavin: Thanks, it's an honor, we have been working on the album, trying to get things right and am glad things are looking up.
Me: So, gotta ask...
Gavin: *laughs* I knew it...
Me: What?
Gavin: You want to know if there's a girl I'm not over with...
Me: No, not at fact let's just say that you are pretty much single during this brief interview in my head, okay?
Gavin: Cool *still laughs*
Me: So, there's a part you say you are a boomerang in the song-and am like, so how fast do you bounce back?
Gavin: say what?
me: yeah, like, how fast do you bounce back?
Gavin: as fast as a boomerang
Me: but you do know that a boomerang's return does depend of how it's thrown...
Gavin: you're crazy *laughs*
Me: yeah, I get that a lot, but hey for the record- I love that song and the entire album-keep up the good work,and whatever you do, stay single till we get married!Smile

4. Hey, Shayne...looking good
Shayne: thanks, how'u been?
Me: bored!
Shayne: I can summoned me, so what's up?
Me': I could ask you the same thing! I mean where the hell are you? When's your next album coming out and all, and hey-are you still there or something?
Shayne: I'm working on things, been gone a while-but am making a comeback
Me: and am like, what? so what are you working on? Because with those looks, that voice and that smile you simply gotta be on air more often, plus am super mad that you do not have a website, and do not tweet! You should tweet, isn't that why people join Twitter?
Shayne: hey, I believe I gotta take time to make something good and I have performed across the UK for sometime-after my album Obssession hit the market, so will definitely tweet-but it's great to hear from you
Me: I love your version of Brian McKnight's "Back at One" that's a great song dude! Brian did a good job, and you made it breathless, I'm giving you till end of this year to hear from you, aiit?
Shayne: Word, take care.

5. Y'all know I don't have beef with you right?
Chris: well,that's good to hear.
Me: Okay, for starters, 'Leave this Town' is an awesome album and I love all the songs- do you know how hard it is to achieve that as a singer or better yet composer?
Chris: thank you, that's hard, I mean with fans you never know which song they'll like, be we sit down and work on a couple of songs, do different renditions then settle for what we feel is best and to have you say you liked the whole album, thanks-that's an honor.
Me: well, don't thank me yet-I got a major beef coming up-how could you mess up "Break the Spell?"
Josh: How come?
Me: I love "Crawling back to you" because it has the feel of the previous albums, you know the Daughtry feel-and then you went ahead and messed it up with 'break the spell' that song is more pop+punk+hardrock, see-it's like a confused song-some mixture of something I feel is far off Daughtry.
Anywho, why the title Break the Spell?
Chris: Music evolves and it reaches out to so many people, so with Break the Spell, we are all about music-making good music, sharing that with our fans and people all over the world, it's been a long road and we are growing as musicians and people as well.
Me: Cool, yeah, you might disappoint me once in a while but hey 'I'm not over you" FYI: that's my fave song produced by you guys.
6: Yo Dude! I love mots of your movies don't even get me started!
Nic: thanks, how'u doing?
Me: I'm swamped now! But hey I have to say some of your movies that I love okay?
Nic: sure, go ahead
Me: Okay, I love "Gone in 60 Seconds" "The Sorcerers Apprentice" "GhostRider" "National Treasure" "Drive Angry" and of course the one I have just watched its trailer "GhostRider: Spirit of Vengeance"
Nic: thank you, those were some good times working with people on set, doing stunts and all
Me: So, gotta ask, how does it feel when you watch yourself and the cast in the upcoming movie say 'The Rider is coming'
Nic: They say that?
Me: stop playing- you so know they say it.
Nic: yeah, it sounds cool ain't that something?
Me: have you heard what reviewers are saying?
Nic: reviewers blurb a lot, but what are you saying?
Me: I can't wait to watch it.
Nic: cool, then I hear you
Yeah, and there goes my sister just calling me up to tell me she'd love to see me!
I wake up and hit send...maybe Jodie will understand meOpen-mouth smile