Saturday, February 18, 2012

Talking of Coffee...

So...after talking to some guys yesterday, I fgured why not continue the conversation and guess who came to mind after some tea...

hey know you have fine written all over you right?
Liam: uh?
Me: yeah-if you were a Kenyan guy you'd probably say you know and ask me out to lunch-but since you haven't been this far, I'll take it you are humbled by my comment.
Liam: do you ask people things like that?
Me: I haven't started asking.
Liam: my bad, o...okay, so what's up?
Me: great performance in the movie 'The Last Song' I have watched it seven times, and do you want to know what my favorite part is?
Liam: surprise me
Me: the part where Ronnie (played by Miley) tells you to stay away from her and her Dad, and though you wanna cry, you actually stay away for one whole semester!
Liam: that was tough...
Me: for you or the character?
Liam: the character of course...*smiles* we are talking about the character right?
Me: no

Okay, let's get this straight first-you are a good writer and I must admit that I have learned so much from your books.
Chinua: Isn't that what books are all about?
Me: Yes, that's one part of it-did you know that you and Queen Elizabeth share something in common?
Chinua: I know of one-what do we share?
Me: Both of you lost your 'Alberts.'
Chinua: Yes, I had to drop my first name-I always associated more with what was considered African then and there's beauty in a name and an African anme more so, if you stand and say you are Paul or John or Albert chances are over a million people with the same name would too, but if you stand as Achebe...or better yet, as...em what's your name?
me: Achieng'
Chinua: Achi..
Me: Achieng'
Chinua: well, yes if you stand so-you are precious, we have to truly appreciate our culture and where we come from.
Me: You said once that 'one of the truest test of integrity is its blunt refusal to be compromised' is that why you did not allow 50 Cent to use the title 'Things Fall apart' for his movie?
Chinua: I did no such thing-but I do believe in integrity, and 'Things fall apart' is the story of Africa, of who we were before, after and even during colonialism, it's a depiction of some of the things that change did to Africa, and to have someone-relate that to something that was not so core to a generation of people, that's not integrity.
Me: In 'No longer at ease' you seem to be telling Africans that is they do not do away with their vices like corruption then Africa will literally no longer be at ease, given what has been happening in the continent-do you think there is hope for Africa?
Chinua: there's always hope for anyone-isn't that why they call it redemption even when you are at your deathbed? Well, Africa is to blame for what is happening to her-and when I say Africa, am talking about the people as a whole, their land is rich yet they are dying of hunger, look at Zimbabwe which is the most fertile country- and see how inflation is killing her people, move over to my country-Nigeria the 5th largest oil producer yet it imports oil, look at countries like Sudan, Congo and now Senegal-and Somalia constantly fighting over space-for what is land but space? People in Africa grew selfish and as a result what we have has gone to waste, it's sad-but if only Africans can shift their attention and focus on good instead of complaining-we can be a step ahead, I am hopeful, I hope you are too.
Me: I guess that makes two of us.
Chinua: so what do you do?
Me: write, take coffee, listen to music, volunteer, take long walks, read books...
Chinua: I am glad, I thought you would tell me about a profession...
Me: uh? not yet...
Chinua: but you are working on something I take it...
Me: hey, am the one asking the questions here aren't I?
Chinua: if you say so, if you say so...
Me: are you turning into Master Yoda or something?
Chinua: I am Chinua

Yo, Dude, you are one rich writer!
Nic: I don't see it that way.
Me: I just complimented you dude!
Nic: there's still more to do, I guess I have not yet achieved what I have to.
Me: what's that?
Nic: to share love with people and what it means to overcome the challenges we have that at times seem beyond our control
Me: that sounded like something I would say, but if there was ever a writer whose stuck to his theme-that's gotta be you. I mean, all your books are about love, forgiveness, making mistakes and learning from them and letters, do you love letters?
Nic: I love writing letters.
Me: So, now with two movies out this year, how does that feel?
Nic: it's great and am honored to have come this far and to be able to reach so many people too.
Me: So, did you plan to release 'The Vow' on Valentines Day? because that movie grossed out on that day and it's a beautiful movie, I don't know how I'd feel if the man I love gets into an accident and doesn't remember me and worse off doesn't want anything to do with me anymore.
Nic: that's why it is for better or for worse, you have to find the strength to hang in there, and we debated about when to release the movie, but it was right to be out on valentines day, so people can change their perception of love,and learn to give it their all.
Me: so, while we are at it, I love some of your books.
Nic: some?
Me: yes, hey...not like all of them, am still reading them you know, but I love 'The Notebook' 'Message in a Bottle' 'Dear John' 'The Last Song' and yeah 'The vow.' those are great movies and am glad they were turned into movies.
Nic: thank you, it's an honor
Me: so are you working on anything other than the movie 'The Lucky One' which hits the stores soon?
Nic: That's it right there, the movie hits the screens too and am hoping that it touches someone's life.
Me: you are awesome you know that?
Nic: thank you
So, as I finish talking to these guys my mind drifts to the cup of coffee in front of me and am like, 'I love coffee, can take tea...and what matters to me most of the time, is holding a pen and pouring my heart out on paper."