Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Issuing Cheques because I Can

You almost called me after reading the title right? Don't deny it, I know you did...or maybe not, let me set that aside, and stick to business.
If you had a cheque book and someone asked you to write them a cheque-I mean to seriously write them one, how much would you give them? Looking through this list, I'll wait as you assign each person a figure:
  1. Your Dad
  2. Your Mom
  3. Your Uncle/Aunt
  4. Your best friend
  5. Your sister/ brother
  6. Your landlord
  7. Your bank
  8. A waitress/ waiter
  9. The Tout in the bus/matatu you board
  10. Your Pastor
  11. A street urchin
  12. Yourself
So, I bet you are done, and don't worry- you can always assign someone "Zero Shillings," but thinking of how cheque books work, if you assign so many people "0" then you'd need a new cheque book, which the bank would definitely charge you. So, be smart, if you don't want to assign anyone anything just keep your book away, and don't waste ink from the pen, give them a smile!
So, why am I issuing cheques today? Well, I figured that I love my life and I love the little things I do, and what I encounter too much to keep it all to myself. I had read "Miss Garnet's Angel" By Sally Vickers sometime last week and I came across this on page 230 "you see a statement is like a cheque. It's value depends upon the resources with which it can be met by the person who issues it."
See, people often say things just because they can and they fail to follow up on them. And the joke going around on Twitter , Pinterest , and Facebook is based on this. A girl tells a boy, "Don't say you love me, because I might just believe you," and the Boy walks away leaving the Girl hurt and she says, "that's right, just keep walking, you're all talk." Whatever you say, it's a reflection of who you are and what you consider important-and if you do not back it up by actions then it's as good as gone. That's what came to mind, and I am issuing cheques as a result. Ask yourself, at times-the things you said, were they the kind that would make someone gape at them if they were staring at a cheque? Like if you got a cheque worth three thousand dollars versus one that had three thousand shillings-which one would leave you speechless? It's the same thing with words, in life we all have touched people's lives by our words. We have made promises, broken some but still given our word, question is how many of those were for real?
So, today I am issuing cheques...on the line that, I am for real, as always, and will not dare say something that I do not feel like saying. My Mom says at times give people a piece of your mind, still do not hesitate to issue cheques daily.

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?