Monday, February 27, 2012

Hearts on Sleeves

Do you wear your heart on your sleeve?
Forget that, first do you wear attires that have sleeves? The weekend's come and gone and I learned that some things about a person may never change. A person's said to have a personality that comprises of character and temperament. Character is what society makes of you and temperament is what you came with. If someone says you are good, or if you live life following a set of moral codes that have been there even before your birth, well that goes into the character basket. Temperament on the other hand is something inside you that society can never change. It is always there, and it's the only real part of a person. I was talking to some of my friends and they kept saying that I'm too open. I smiled at this and said 'okay.' They also said I do that a lot. I do not challenge them and always just say 'okay' even when they expect me to say it is not okay. I looked at them then, and wondered why when they say what they've always wanted to I should tell them it's not okay. Like my aunt says, the world has become so politically correct that nobody says what they feel anymore. It's always the question of what will they think of me? If I say this, will it hurt the other person or not. So, we are forever living on minefield, where we tread lightly lest we step on a mine and poof! goes our entire being.
Well, given that people comprise character and temperament, I would say that at times one might be forced to keep silent or keep their thoughts to themselves for fear of societal judgment. On the other hand, it hit me that I do wear my heart on my sleeve. I give all the credit to my Mom, who always raised us to speak our minds,and mostly stay true to our feelings. It's no surprise that my Sister who's studied Law, always says, 'What is it Ach?' One of those random thoughts that hit me was what would happen if people did not care or express their true feelings? Well, it's what's happening right now. Look around you, listen to the social problems people have now-and it would be like an echo.
Wearing you heart on your sleeve, means staying true to who you are. If something is wrong according to you, you go ahead and say it, if something is good you give it credit, quetsion is how many would rather suffer in slience than see this happen?
I would not hesitate to answer that, and the answer is many.