Wednesday, February 22, 2012

On the Edge of This Cliff

Have you ever been on the edge of a cliff? Have you ever wanted to simply fall freely and forget everything-if only in that moment you will get some redemption? This is not one of those suicide notes that get you freaked out and reaching for your phone to check up on someone.
Have you ever wondered why when we talk of death we simply think first and mostly about physical death?
At times a part of us needs to die so that we can awaken a better part-the real person that we have kept hidden for ages. I was talking to a friend and we often go to the rooftop and simply stare at people, other houses around and at times we talk of stuff that happened during the week. He calls it his 'therapy session' I always consider it a 'friendship session.' We have at times shouted at the top of our voices and sang out loud to some Linkin Park songs-to come down voiceless for a day or two. We have also seen some awful fights between couples while there. We have made some confessions that could be deemed too much if said anywhere else, so we have the rooftop!
I was making rounds in town helping a friend start up a tack shop. We squeezed in a tuk tuk which took us around town, we also had smokies by the road, had some yoghurt-and chocolate slices and the best part we bought soda and started comparing the amount of calories in each. FYI: Fanta Strawberry has the most leading the table with 295, followed by Fanta Orange & Pineapple at 250, while Sprite and CocaCola trail at 210--depending on the content, now you know!
I came back to the room had a quick shower and it hit me that some part of me has to die! It has to go away, before the other part can come out and simply stand out for who she is and what she's time for a new beginning and though it freaks me out, it's time I stayed on the wheel.
This is like standing on the edge of a cliff with everyone telling you 'don't jump' but you know you have to, because you will not hit rock bottom. You will rise above the waters-just high enough to see the old you let go and the new you arise. Psychology calls it letting go of bad habits-but I'm a PsychoLit (cool word, uh? that's a Psychologist + Literature) so I will stick to descriptions for as long as this post can last. I keep saying that the greatest assets we have as human beings is our mind. We are constantly creating stuff, forming opinions, learning from others and all...but more than this we are forever sharing a piece of us with others. My Sister, often says that human beings know how to put on a face. A face can only get you as far as you can show it-when it gets weary of being used, it's time for a new face. Example-you put on an official face at work, a fun face and even stupid face with friends.
It's time to jump off this cliff and get moving...question is what's weighing you down and why are you're letting it?