Wednesday, February 8, 2012


If you don't love books-stop reading this post right about now...if you are uncertain, well, you can try and hang in there till the second paragraph, but if you love books well, keep me company!

My love for reading goes back to my life in primary school and is heavily influenced by three people: My class three teacher-Mrs. Benta Owino, my Mom and Dad. These three people ensured I got my words right and am grateful to them for the numerous books we had at home and their love for reading too-well, My Dad only loved reading two kinds of stuff: newspapers, and Agriculture stuff. So, yeah-from him I learned more about soccer and dealing with bullies and yeah-speaking my mind. I also learned not to interrupt a man as he puffed away.
So, given all that there are some books that have often been my friends and I keep them close. These books often have something new in them that I discover every time I pick them up, like "Hamlet" I always ask myself what would have happened if Hamlet never died? But last night, I found myself asking how charming and patient Horatio must have been to have stood by his friend and also advised him. I also wonder why Ophelia went mad, all because of her love for Hamlet-seriously? But, this happens to most people like Jacqueline in Mariama Ba's "So long a Letter" became depressed and almost went mad when her husband Samba Diac, was publicly unfaithful to her. I am glad that in the 21st Century e-books have hit the market and become popular. Even though I still prefer reading hard cover books, or paperback books because nothing beats the feel of paper or the smell of printed works and simply turning pages as you engage in the life of a character. E-books are cheap, save on paper & trees, and most of all can be shared. You don't have to spend two hundred shillings or more to send someone a book all you do is email it to them and that costs only ten shillings. Since they come in PDF or whichever format available online, you can take notes and simply mark the various phrases you like and share them.
I love three sites that offer free e-books that I often read to get a feel of what other writers are working on, you can check them out too at:
  1. Smashwords:
  2. Obooko:
  3. HolyBooks:
I also know there's Project Gutenberg, but these three are my best. Given that it's five days to one of the commercial days of the year (ValentinesRed heart) there's lots of red stuff for sale and offers for couples all over the city and the only thing that amuses me most are the white teddy bears with hearts inscribed "I love you." They have been in the market for as long as I remember, just wonder how long the manufacturers intend on having the same stuff out every year.Laugh
If you haven't visited a bookshop lately or invested in a good book, simply go online and check out some of the free ebooks there and get something to keep you both entertained and engaged. While you are at that, be sure to check out Margaret Finnegan's "Ten Things I hate about Valentines Day" it will leave you laughing plus it's only 3 pages....