Monday, March 12, 2012

About that Time

There comes a time when all you have to do is keep running for fear of stopping.
Your feet hit the ground as hard as your heart beats.
Your mind tells you to stop, but somehow your feet are in control.
You jump over every hurdle and keep your feet on the ground-as your eyes behold the horizon, but you keep going.You go because that's what you know. You also go because the one thing you are running away from is with you-it is the shadow that lurks behind you. It is the sigh you let out at dawn. It is the tear you hide during the day. It is the dream you live at dusk. It is the hope you chew on till your jaws surrender, but do they?
It's about that time when you stop, but why should you?
You want to go on because you can. You run so fast that no one sees your feet bleeding. You breathe so hard no one sees your lungs cry for a time-out. You run so fast, but don't move a muscle. You open your eyes to the reality of having been there, having done that, but it's there.
If pain is to be beautiful, why must it hurt so much?
If hope is to keep us alive, why must it choke us almost to death before we live?
If love is to set us free, why must we set conditions for it? Freedom doesn't have conditions, just responsibility. Responsibility has no conditions, it only wants to be taken up-is that a condition?
It's about that time that I stand but why should I?
It's about that time that I stop and start running back- back to that moment, back to those arms, to those ideas, to that cup of coffee, to that book, to that person-back to them and finally stop. I need to stop because it's the hardest thing I will ever do.
I need to stop because if I do not then I am destroying the person I would like to be. If I destroy her, what will I have left-but a broken heart, and truth be told, broken hearts are hard to mend especially if you are the one who broke them.


How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?