Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Foe Women who Run the World

Call your Mom, Aunt, Sister, Wife, Girlfriend, or just friend-any woman you know whose been in your life for a while and thank them for being who they are.
That, was not a request...I mean it.
I am waiting for a few calls, as soon as you reach this sentence-but like every human being, you need a reason, well...this is the Women's Month. I know that sounds tacky and just so wrong, but the International Women's Day is on March 8th and it was set aside to celebrate all the women in the world. I do not mean to be selfish about this, but being born on a day where, every other woman is being celebrated gets me on edge. First, well, it happens to be my birthday and second, for every birthday wish I get I have to wish another 'Happy International Women's Day.' So, that aside- I am honored to be celebrating this day with all the women in the world.All those women out there who are making it, breaking it, learning as they go and who still keep their heads held high no matter what happens to them, I am honored.
When I was young, I often said I'd want to be a Psychologist . When I was growing up I ended up doing a lot of Writing and now all my friends and well, a few of other observers deem me a Writer .
I guess being a woman means embracing all that comes your way. There's no room for excuses,and no room for wallowing in pain for too long. I have met women who have often picked themselves up when no one thought they would. I would like to share some of the lessons I learned from them:
  1. My Mom: After my Dad died, she raised her two daughters plus five other kids, and got us all through University: She's taught me the power of faith, love and determination and also shared her love for Literature, Social work and Counseling with me.
  2. My Aunt: Mama Dave: I watched my Uncle (paternal) kick her out of her own home, as he went after a rich woman, and I stayed with her as she struggled to get a job and get their two year old son to kindergarten. Dave is now 6 years old. She owns a Study-Abroad Company that enables students and business people get visas and also settle in the Middle East and Europe. It's called Lish International. What I learned from her: You always have to know when to keep your tears to yourself, and when a man takes you for granted, show him you have a Maker who will grant you all you wish for.
  3. My Sister: Cheryl: She's a law student, working in Kisumu, and she has the cutest baby boy: Jay, who I love but always bullies me and keeps sending me into the kitchen to fetch him a glass of water! What I learned from her: Life is meant to be lived, quit whining and get on with it. Plus, have some fashion sense, you can always look good when there's nothing but tissue in your handbag.
  4. My Grandma: Isadora: I was named after her. We both love to cook, love sugar, take loads of beverages, we also love volunteering and live to understand others. What I learned from her: Love is endless and all you have to do when the going gets tough, is to look for the sharpest stone and get tougher and sharper! Besides, a good woman can cook and hold her own fort.
I have lots of other superwomen I have interacted with but none come close to these four. I have best friends, who have shown me what it means to overcome challenges and what it means to celebrate victories. It is through their pain that I learned to care and hope. It is also through their love that I learned to dream and cherish and for that I am glad that there are women in this world, that for every person there is, was or still could be a Mother who loves them.
These are some songs I think are great for women who run the world:
  1. Respect: Aretha Frankline
  2. Run the World (Girls) : Beyonce
  3. SuperWoman: Alicia Keys
  4. Listen: Beyonce
  5. No Scrubs: TLC
  6. Bust Your Windows: Jasmine Sullivan


How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?