Friday, March 30, 2012

Afrosinema 101: Lessons from my Nephew's Nanny

I traveled to Kisumu three days ago. It was a trip that was important given that I had loads to learn and a great opportunity to also interact with various people.
So when I first got home, I was taken aback by the heat and nephew. He's two years old and a hurricane that never sits still. We are rivals and he never gets enough of biting and hugging me. I take comfort in the fact that our love is special-we break up to make up. We also love anything with sugar in it and can swindle each other out of lollipops-it's called the law of this jungle.
So, there I was thinking that being home is just right-until it struck 10:30am and the Nanny took the remote from me and changed the station to Citizen.
Next thing I know we are watching Afrosinema and she is in no hurry to make my nephew a snack, let alone fetch him a glass of water.
So, what's so good about Afrosinema?
  1. Never ask! It's an insult to ask that kind of silly question, where have you been?
  2. Never ever have the look in your eyes that question, 'must we really watch this?' If you don't like it, find something else to do.
  3. Afrosinema is good-because the actors speak Pidgin,which other people deem 'broken English' so it's easier to understand as opposed to other movies.
  4. Afrosinema actors are truly African, I mean the helps live like helps in most parts of Africa- so it is real.
  5. Staying in the house the whole day can make you go mad. Talking to neighbors or a man can get you fired, watching Afrosinema makes time fly-the next thing you know lunch ought to be served.
  6. Watch Afrosinema at 10:30am, I:35pm and 12:00am...and you'll never run out of things to laugh about.
  7. The actors don't have to speak-they only gesture, and beat each other when things get tough-all the other high strung movies people talk too much and that kind of English is not for everyone.
  8. Afrosinema means we are celebrating the fact that we are Africa.
So, once she finished saying all these, I decided that each time she tunes into the shows I will be busy either reading or taking a nap.
I don't want to get in the way of her viewing-for I realized that there's some kind of connection that I cannot grasp, and trying to understand why she is so hooked on Afrosinema would only cause some wrangles.
Well, now you know. Wonder what would happen to the viewer ratings of Citizen if they stopped airing Afrosinema and replaced it with BBC or CNN .