Sunday, March 18, 2012

Don't Google this...just read it!

16th Century:
"My Dear Lionel,
How are you? It is winter here, and the lady of the house has done very little to keep the fire place ablaze. It is freezing and I feel the cold all the way to my britches, but what good will complaining do? I hope you are well.
How are your in-laws? It is believed that your mother in-law enters the room mouth first and head last, but she has a good heart Lionel- patience, as Father would say, 'all's well that ends well.'
Pray thee, send my love to your betrothed, and her family.
I shall send this letter immediately so you can read it at dawn as the butterflies and birds usher a new day.
Your lovely yet sincere Sister,
Ann Margaret."
 FYI: Letter gets to Lionel between 2-3 weeks.
20th Century
Subject: Hi
Hey, you what's up?
I am freezing here! Winter sucks!
Anywho, howz your new family? I heard your mother in law talks more than she listens. Dad would have asked you to be patient anyways.
You know that stuff he said 'alls well ends well'
Say hi to all of them.
Your Sister (who's alive by the way)
Ann M.
FYI: Lionel get's email pronto-but only if he checks it regularly.
21st Century:
Text: "Nel, how'u? now u :)(: & 4got us? tk cr,o/\o ur Q=< . l8r, xoxo, A.M
FYI: Lionel has to google the emoticons first before he answers Ann. It's called doing research before stepping on toes.
Tweet: @annm: @lionelz : hey, hope ur gud,say hi to wifey,ttyl,love u.
FYI: Lionel gets to hear what's up and tweets right back-he has to keep it short only 140 characters, in other words-get to the point!

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