Sunday, March 18, 2012

I'm Coming For You

There have been so many posts that I have written, I have often said that you can Start with Why or better yet Wear heart on sleeves but most of all I have fully admitted to being On the Edge of This Cliff .
My roomie always insists that I am emotional but with a tough exterior. My best friends often wonder how they came to be friends with me because I always look serious and stare right ahead. The ones who've gotten close have confided that it was something about me-they cannot explain why, and today- I sat in the school cafeteria listening to Daughtry and it hit me.
Who better to tell me what they know of me than my friends?

So, I called up a few and they were not available. I sent them texts and they said 'I care' and  'I'm special' but it did not feel enough.
You know the way you get a 'good' when you were rooting for a 'very good?' That's what I felt-but I ended up reading "The Invisible Man" by H.G. Wells.

So, enough of my rambling...I was thinking through what they said when one of them called and the first thing she said was, 'why don't you call Brian?'

I did just that. It's never good to think twice about such advice, especially if it comes from a friend who plays basketball with guys and runs faster than her dog.
So, there I was dialing his number when he picked I realized two things: first I did not need his approval, and second-it was 3:00pm and he was still asleep!

So, when I asked what he thinks of me-the first thing he asked "is this a trick question?"
I answered "yes." He hung up.
He called ten minutes later and asked me to explain the rules.
I said there are no rules-just the truth and he shrugged then said "you care more than you should, and you can  get on people's nerves with all those facts you know, and then take the compliments people give you on your writing seriously, cut down on the coffee, and go see a dentist about your cavities and you should start that teen program you are working on, and if you hold me responsible for what I have said, I will say I was working and too exhausted to keep quiet."
I did hold my breath-but honest friends like him are hard to come by and so I decided I would write about him-because we all need some people we can turn to-people who will see us for who we are.

Question is-of all your friends, are there those who are always on your mind-not because you miss them but because their support and how much they value you is known to the universe?

Before I could finish thinking he said...'When am done with this project, I'm coming for you."
I guess there's a first for everything...start with honesty.