Saturday, April 28, 2012


Women lie, men lie -money don't lie.
People lie, numbers don't.

The first one I got it from LilWayne's song- or something like that and the second from the hit TV Series Numb3rs .
Say, working on the field has it's good side and down side- at times focusing on the down sides has made me write a whole novella-about a girl who whines with every step she takes and how much she misses out on the good side of life. Other than that I have been able to learn a few things about being out on the field-there's more use to my Psychological knowledge out there than in any office. First I have to be patient-and also a good listener.
So, when we leave for the field we have to carry a bag that weighs roughly 16-20kgs. Yes, that's like carrying a healthy two year old or three year old kid the whole time-but what's in it? I wish at times it were "bricks" like I once saw in Malcolm in The Middle , so I can use it as my weapon of choice against people who stare at me, and offer no assistance!
So inside these bags we have: a weighing scale, hand dynanometer, folders, survey sheets, gps machines, and a Haemoglobin testing kit- and some other things as seen fit given the location we are visiting.
A survey that's well done and captures the details of the people we seek does take roughly two to three hours, and of all this what is important is the team work. It means that when we leave for the field we leave as a team and get our work done individually and come back to the office as a team.
One time on the field- we walked up a hill for almost half an hour and my back was on fire-and my heels stopped supporting me and I could not explain why the clouds were getting black, and my head spinning faster than FloRida can explain!
It got me thinking of the many things we do-we set out about certain duties daily and we always hope to achieve something. For most in Kenya and the whole world-it has become money. Most set out to make money. The means does not matter only the end result does to most people. I had confessed to a friend that I'd love to save my earnings and volunteer in a children's home in Uganda-and he laughed-asking why I would not aim higher for comfort. But with money is comfort ever guaranteed? Let alone comfort-I do not seek that, but I want to keep going-to reach out to as many as I can, when I can and using what I have-because there's nothing as awful as not being able to cultivate the mind.
Say maybe you are reading this post as you head to work- or are at home, or are getting ready to do something-would you stop and ask, why you are doing it? What is it that you are after? Would life be different for you if you stopped and thought it through?

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?