Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I find it very interesting that for the past weeks I haven't posted an article on this blog. It is also interesting to hear my friends and frequent readers of my blog ask 'what's up?'
So, here's what's up:
  1. I have been on the field- doing lots of data collection and learning about the livelihood of people unknown to me.
  2. I have been writing-yes, long term writing.
  3. I have completed the first chapters of two potential novels.
  4. I have missed blogging!
Believe it or not- number 4, came first, I just changed the order. So, I have talked of working in a team and meeting very strange people here in Busia. Whoever said that 'man is a social animal' needs to define what he/she meant by 'social.'
It's been interesting to note that where you have people of the opposite sex-chances are two or more would get cosy. By getting cosy I mean- each pair or just that one pair would eventually start dating and at some point consider themselves a couple. So, I am bound by Andrew Zahn's Ten Commandments for Creatives if I can literally take the 5th Commandment that says "Don't be an Expert."
Still, I find it amusing that love is in the air at work, and in the field. It is rather interesting to find that a guy would go to the extent of treating a lady (who has a boyfriend in another town) on the pretense that he's just being a good friend. It even gets better that the lady would accept the treat- knowing intuitively that the guy's actions (calls, attention, courtesy, concern, money) all indicate that he is interested beyond friendship.
So, what's the lowdown on my experience in the past five weeks?
Well, I have been branded an "Environmentalist" because I would rather deposit trash in a trash can.
My recent attempt to prove to the organization that the tap outside drips 400ml of water per minute and that means we lose 24 liters of water an hour- has seen them label me "petty" and grant me a nobel peace prize for caring for the environment"
Now you have the lowdown, but all these events have gotten me thinking- what do we live for as people? I hear most people talk of money, time and their children or spouses, but most focus on money.
Do you live also for yourself?
I guess If I ever find that answer...while out on the field, you will be the first to know:

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How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?