Saturday, June 30, 2012

One Step Every Time

It's six in the morning.
I am up and going through some events that took place in the previous day.
I know that thinking through such events would only inspire questions but I cannot stop. So, I pull out my journal and read every word that I wrote. It is all there, and I am still not satisfied, why?
I wonder why?
See- scientists and researchers will tell you that "why?" is endless, why? (see it crept in right there). It is endless because for as long as you keep asking questions you seek answers and until you find an answer that satisfies your question then you will keep searching. So I did take it so and my mind keeps going round in circles.

The question that's been bugging me is how come with so much aid in Africa the continent is still poor? I know you will probably give me the cliche' that corruption, mismanagement of funds blah blah blah is the cause. I hear you, but it still doesn't make sense.

Have you ever wondered what if really aid just makes us poor?

You know like pity makes someone worse than they were?

And what sparked this are the various respondents we meet- they know they are part of a longitudinal survey and some when they see us keep asking "tupe msaada."
I know it may seem odd, but with Psychology you learn to accommodate so much that at times you wonder if you are the brick wall to their development. But that aside, if you keep expecting people to do stuff for you-what does that make you?

I know employers expect their employees to do stuff for them-but this is different, because the employers did not make their employees who they are. They call out for people with certain skills and the employees show up- so they get some product that's complete-and they use that.
But with aid it is different- if you keep begging- you become so good at it that all you can ever do is beg and wait to receive.

I guess all I have to do is take one step every time to know how to take this in and what I can do to change this mentality.