Saturday, June 23, 2012

Life in Color

I know my best friend Cynthia will drop off her seat when she reads this blog.

I am hoping that you too (yes, you who is reading this) would drop off too- well, if you don't let's just pretend that you did! Thank you can rise and keep reading.
Have you ever been rained on?
I am not talking about the singing in the rain thing- but just rain! The clouds spot you enjoying a stroll and decide to let it rain-and you cannot seek shelter, so you walk and with every step you are soaked up in nothing but cold water.

If you haven't been rained on- look no further than the person who's writing this blog. Ta da!
I got drenched not once, nor twice, but thrice!
The first time I was making my way from Samia hills to some dispensary near Nangina Girls secondary school- not so cool, given that I almost landed flat on my behind, plus my bag was not helping- and to be honestly gravity enjoyed making me suffer!

The second time was just my luck. I was on a boda boda heading to work and there it was, rain! Heavy rain plus her cousins thunder and lightning! The boda boda man demanded ten shillings for trying to get me to work through the heavy rain- and just my luck I had ten shillings!

Now, the third time-was my favorite, I had my rain coat on and my earphones on too. I walked in the rain listening to Alex Goot. Have you ever heard of him? Alex Goot has the best renditions of various songs, and listening to him according to me-is precious, he does the instrumentals and vocals for all these songs-and he's a one man band, how cool is that?

So, having had a rough week, I figured some splash of color would warm me up.

I went for fashion and being no diva (as compared to my sister) I went for colorful hair bands. Life might have it's down moments but that doesn't mean that I should be knocked down and stay there- so some splash of color and adventure got me these three pictures.

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?