Monday, July 16, 2012

Just Say It

'You need to work on some stuff Dear.'

'What stuff?'

'You know, just be good and work on stuff- like how about we go shopping and get some new clothes, you always makes me smile, right?"

So, my friend came to me with this in her mind. I laughed first then simply told her to get her act together. First, my boy-jeans look good and whoever said that bathroom slippers are not something to wear? She also got on my case about walking bare-feet to the shop. But, it's life and when I feel like going to the Mall in my pyajamas at least let me- and when I want to dress up or even glam  up, let me.

Then she said 'you know, appearance is everything.'
I replied 'appearance is everything but the truth.'
So, I did not say much and left it all at that. I could take the silence route and let her rant as much as she wanted- then it hit me that I had talked about being politically correct.

But, first let me tell you something about euphemisms- which I believe is the mother of political correctness (forgive my Grammar today).
A euphemism is an agreeable term that stands for a more direct, less pleasing one.
And being politically correct means saving face- well, the face that ain't the real you but the one that is put on for the public. So- see the connection?

Some of my favorite euphemisms are:
  • dentures- false teeth
  • memorial park- cemetery
  • substandard housing- slum
  • washroom- toilets

The last one has gotten me into communication problems especially in Busia-where I'd ask where the washrooms were and I'd be told they have none- only to stress 'toilet' and be directed to the rooms at the back of hotels and restaurants with waiters asking why I couldn't be more specific.

But, why are we politically correct nowadays? It's like everything suddenly has the right to be offended by the blatant truth and so we simply sugarcoat things.

If you don't like something- go ahead and say it. PS: Just know that because you don't like something doesn't mean the other person has to fully change it all for you.

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How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?