Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Start Ups

There's always a beginning.
Some kind of 'start' button to get us going.

The 'start' buttons are there on a keyboard, on games, and even in most shops you get to know where to start from by following a sign saying 'entrance.'

And, let's be honest- how many of you have ever walked into a supermarket or  mall in such a hurry only to be told that you are going through the 'exit'  instead of the 'entrance' side?

So, today I'm looking at 'start Ups'- yes, I am talking about projects or events that you have always thought of putting into place and for the longest time they have only been taking place in your mind. So, now that we have that comes it's so easy to dream of big things but just a milestone to achieve them?

My friend in the booth next to me just said 'guts, cash, time' and I am playing some naive advocate now and only agreeing with the first one. If you have guts- then cash and time will not be barriers to achieving your goal, isn't that so?

So, today's a Wednesday and it's one of those days that people feel like they are hanging in there. It's just a day to Friday and well some more from that dreaded Monday- but am not for you to hang- am to remind you of three things: guts, cash and time.

Consider it a 'GCT' for that idea you have, that project or that dream that you want to see come to life- because we all have to start from somewhere and it doesn't matter where- but just the fact that we started something and that's all there ever is to any idea.