Friday, August 24, 2012

If you could be a Famous person for one day, it'd be....

Mother Teresa, Princess Diana and maybe...just maybe Tyra Banks!

Those are the three women that came to mind-and my sister reminds me that the first two died around the same time.
But I have always found those statements that start with "if" as choking me into submission, and I feel cornered as though I had only one of two evils to choose from and wouldn't really like the consequences. I have also come to learn that life is like a lotus flower. Allow me to explain what I mean here: A lotus flower is special-it rises against all odds to radiate beauty and such calmness. It grows in murky waters, and the Nelumbo nucifera as is known to Scientists never ceases to stay clean and bright, it opens up with such grace that you are tempted to ask why it even grows in that murky place. Of course, am reminded of the pig and chicken who do eat some things we'd rather not see but when cooked the animals themselves are a delicacy to those who enjoy them.

So,what does the lotus, and animals mentioned (pig and chicken) have anything to do with being famous?

Well, looking into the history of those three women I mentioned: all of them had a past. They did not have everything on a silver platter and they had to work hard for what they had- they radiated love and concern for what was happening around them and a desire to make the situation better.

So, if you did have just one day to walk a mile in the shoes of someone Famous, you will realize that you don't need their shoes but you've been on track all along, you've never just set running and that's why they are a mile away from you- they simply saw the need to run on course while you still are at the start line waiting for the shot to signal you to go!

You are famous- and thank Heavens that the paparazzi are not taking pictures of you even as you shower just to make some money-but use what you have, what you know to achieve something worthwhile- if you haven't tweeted or texted a friend in a long time, call them up and say hello. That's something don't need the tabloids to do that, but you shall have made an important connection-and what's gold if not cherished memories?
How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?