Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I am the most impatient person there is.
Well, if you mean that I have to stand for two minutes as the person who is paid to serve me is still on phone chatting up some guy about where to have dinner and what she should wear. So, now that she has set me off I decided why not walk into a cyber cafe and vent?
I must admit that it seems to be working.

So, how impatient am I?

How impatient are people?

I say very impatient. Everyone knows their rights and they know how to demand them, especially in a queue. I will still log off and get back in line because I have to buy the green OfficePoint pencil that caught my eye. Yes, it is only ten shillings. I know you are asking if the impatience is really worth it. Getting off queue because of a ten shilling pencil-so that's me, the real side of me I must admit. But, my Mom told me something three days ago. She said that if I want to achieve something I should learn to be patient. I thought she was right. But the dark side of me kept telling me if I could write a whole book how much more patience did I ever need, but let's face it a lot more is needed when dealing with people.

And to get myself to know just how hard this is- I set out asking people yesterday, some 3 qualities that they liked in others. I also went further to ask them who these people were that had the qualities they admired.

In that list Jesus came first, then people's Mothers, their wives, children and lastly Obama.

I talked to anyone I met and of those most thought I was crazy and they walked away from me. Others told me to mind my business. Some guys asked me for my contacts-just so they could holla at me
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But all in all, when you set out to learn something- be patient like the Samurai or the Monk who has to spend years in the company of their Master and in solitude always learning and improving their skill.