Thursday, August 2, 2012

Just Forget that I said this

It is 9:47pm and I am seated here-talking, well, just talking to this piece of paper, hoping that I might clear my conscience, or whatever is left of it.
There I go again- ignoring all the rules of Grammar.
Too many commas in a sentence makes the reader lose their trend of thought. Bummer! Another run-on too, well a long sentence without a comma is choking your reader to death! But Teacher, why can't I write the same way I speak? Well, because no everyone speaks like you.
Okay, but if I am writing shouldn't it be like me?
Well said Dora- Like!
Okay- I did not intend to bring Facebook into this talk, but since we did, how about I share this on my wall or my friends' walls?
No, let us get back to the 'like' well, when I said 'like' I did not mean it as you have perceived, but in a manner or intellectual enlightenment. I mean, you should write like you are talking to someone, but when you talk you also have pauses don't you?
I do at times, but at other times-I think I am like Eminem with words coming out of my mouth so fast that I can barely catch my breath and when I think am almost done some more just spill and it goes on and on like a revolving door and my mind goes round and round like roller-coaster and I ask why can't it go up and down, and then it ends there, so you see what I mean?
I only see why your English Teacher in Primary school made you stick to 'as fast a hare' and the likes.
You used the word 'like' again Sir, only this time you added an 's' so is that plural or just something that came out of your mind?
I don't know- I think so, is hard to say but we can always try our best and know that you are simply speaking to a blank piece of paper, and you had better save this page now before you run low on your data bundle and are forced to go to bed tired for writing on hours on end.

Now, you know how it feels right?

Eeish! Just save it now or click send! goes nothing, but Sir?

What is it now?

"Thank you for Listening :-) "

What was that?

The thing after 'listening'

Sir, if you know of Facebook then you surely know what a smiley is- and for the person who's reading this well "thank you" and do have a splendid weekend and keep in mind that you have a heart richer than most and you can choose to do good,and share a smile :-)

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?