Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Thing about Hearts

Hearts blossom
Hearts wither,
some hearts- just like in a pack of cards-play and are played.
Some hearts remember while others struggle to forget.
What I know is that hearts, a heart, whatever you call them 'are alive.'

I got this from my friend. She just called to wish me well on my upcoming graduation. She insisted that I rock a pair of heels and make sure that my hair is not all over the place in form of an afro. We got into talking and I asked her if she had the heart to keep a secret from me.
Like most of my friends, she laughed, and asked if I was serious or if it was all part of a social experiment- and I said 'am for real.'
Then she said, 'let me load some credit and call you back.' (I really wish she had an orange line because at least that way I could talk to her for hours on their #Holla or #Sare offers)
So, I sat before the computer and started looking for blogs to read and came across BlogLovin : the right place that lists all blogs and you can read up on what they have to offer. I read a few, even shared some of them on my Facebook page and then she called. I am posting this as it went down,lest she call me screaming that I got it all wrong.

Her: Well, I would.
Me: Really
Her: Because I am entitled to, aren't I?
Me: In what context do you think you are entitled?
Her: Say if I learn of something that does not add value to your life, is awful, and most of all is being said by people who don't know you as long as I have-then that I'd never ever let on.
Me: that sounds like a rumor
Her: okay, so what's the difference?
Me: a rumor is just news being spread without confirmation,while a secret is in a way concealing information from someone
Her: Okay, but still I have my secrets that I think I should keep because they do not concern you.
Me: Would they affect our relationship if I knew about them?
Her: Probably
Me:Okay, I understand.
Her: so are we done with the interrogation?
Me: Was it one?
Her: It felt like one. You are good at all this opening up thing-so let's focus on something you are not good at, how about you tell me which kind of shoe would go with my denim pants? Should I go for my caramel wedges or my leopard print heels?

Me:-) I hung up to write this, hope she reads it before I can apologize to her or better yet let me check some fashion sites and let her know what would go well with her attire.

Hate less, Love more: Fear less, Hope more.