Saturday, August 4, 2012

My first Blog Post

I read something in Nuruddin Farah's book "Links" that 'bridges join the two places they separate.'

It got me thinking of so many things, but mostly of my journey- as someone who posts articles on their blog. PS: I haven't called myself a Blogger because I have a lot more to achieve before I can accept the title. Yes, it's personal!

My first blog post, was Keeping a Journal and I posted it on February 27, 2009.

Cool, uh...well, it's now three years and five months down the line and am still here.
The blog has gone from one follower to 23 on Google Friend Connect and over three hundred via email- so all in all, that makes an approximate of six hundred and forty six eyes reading the stuff I write- what more can a girl say, 'muchos gracias!'

Back to the book I read Links ,  so true- there's a different side to everything we encounter. Just like we often get the words, don't burn your bridges- we always forget what the bridge does. I mean we only see ourselves crossing to the other side and never wonder why there's something that enables us to move from where we are that place.
The bridge separates us from one side, but it also leads us to the other.

And so in all you do, you might not have a blog that enables you to retrieve old posts, but you have your memory-you can remember some things- they may be good or very bad. They might hurt you emotionally just by recalling these things, but you are in the now.
Like you have read thus far.
That's good- and since you've made it this far in your life, be grateful, that no matter what tough times you went through, somehow you still managed to get here. So, take that and keep going, because (like my friend on Twitter says) if you spend too much time focusing on what could have been, you fail to see what it is, and that means you won't get ready for what will be.