Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Acts of Kindness

There's been a trend on twitter #RAOK - Random Acts of Kindness.

It simply means doing something good for another without expecting anything in return.
So, I removed the "R" and went for acts of kindness and dished out quotes to people on my way to the Kisumu National Library yesterday. It was quite an adventure given that people thought I was selling them something- and it got to me at times when people did throw the paper away without even looking at it.
Later when I told my younger sister about it she laughed and said, 'maybe they couldn't read, not every normal person can read you know.' It still didn't change the fact that most people didn't read them.

But those who did thanked me for making their day and asked me if it was part of some project. I wish it was, but I simply wanted people to pick a random piece of paper in the hope that whichever quote was written on it would make their day.

During this exercise I forgot what I keep telling you, that we should not expect an Academy award for our acts of kindness,and it did hit me that in reality 'Thank You + A Genuine Smile= The Best Academy Award Ever.'

I haven't many quotes left, but one that always keeps me going is:

"Life is not always about what is missing but what is there and what you make of it."

Have a wonderful day and be sure to do at least three of these:
  1. Say Hello
  2. Say Thank You
  3. Tell someone "You are Awesome"