Thursday, September 6, 2012

Read a post or two

Reading is fun, right?

Reading is intellectual or just an act of passing time by being transported to a world that ain't the one you are living or whatever that is! But, it's been a good week and having done most of my work I figured sharing a line or two with you wouldn't hurt.

I am also happy to say that I haven't had a cup of coffee since last Saturday (1st September 2012) and it's been a rather different Tea week!
So, I love reading different works by writers and bloggers and thought why not check some of these sites out:
And the Academy Goes to:
  1. Brain Pickings : Maria does a lot of research and shares the information she goes in a very light and witty manner. I read about Einstein, Ray Bradbury, Dickens, Twain and even Frost right here without having to read twice- now that's what I call genius!
  2. Joel Osteen : And where would I forget to place Joel Osteen? If there was any Pastor who made the Bible my best friend and confidante it has to be Joel. If you listen to his messages you learn that you can truly apply the Bible teachings to your life and I also love how his books are simple to read and focused on improving lives for the better.
  3. FreeBooksy : This site has got great free ebooks and if you love reading, maybe at home or in the office, you can download the Kindle for PC and use the links of FreeBooksy to access the great reads- did you know that thousands of books are published every day? If you don't believe me check out Smashwords and Free Ebooks Daily and am sure you'll find something worth your time.
  4. Wamathai : From blogspot to a site on it's own- this site has some good poems and short stories from Kenyan Writers and interviews and if you thought checking out a site matters lots because of it's appearance-then you'll love this one.
  5. BBC : I love news and knowing what's happening around me and who knew that BBC would prove better than CNN? Really, I love the various programs they have focusing on different parts of the continent.
  6. Cristian Mihai : I love this site because he's a writer and he's got such wonderful short stories that you can read-and the fact that he started off blogging alo gives him the credit.
I have these six at the moment and of course you can always check out Google , Twitter , and Facebook and learn more of what people are buzzing about.