Saturday, September 22, 2012

Get off that Rocking Chair

The Thing inside my big head says: "Get off that Rocking Chair! "
Me: I think I just did!
The Thing again: "No, you are just going back and forth and not making any real changes! Now, get off and get working!

I know how it feels to procrastinate. You always say- you will do that and it will be done, there's always tomorrow and bam! tomorrow comes too fast and you are in panic mode!
I just got my panic mode (hence two blog posts in a day) ten minutes ago.

Is there a project you have been meaning to start, continue or finish but never have because of time? Have you been pushing it aside all in the hope of completing it later and what happens is that you have kept it in stock?

When are you going to finish that project?

And what do you plan to do in the meantime? At times if it's a huge project that needs input from other people, chances are you will be put on hold if you don't push other people. I have been planning a Teens Camp to be held this December in Kisumu, and in my mind all is well except for the fact that I have two months to go and so far no one but me knows of this camp! The sad bit is that I was talked into getting help from someone to help me push for this and they are working 24/7 so it's been on hold for far too long. So, it hit me that 
  1. This is my idea, my project
  2. I am the one who has to get moving
  3. I can push for this on my own- better yet I can try it
  4. It might not make it to a full week camp- but at least a 3-day training full of fun wouldn't hurt a soul
  5. Yeah- I should quit procrastinating
So, that noted I started on doing it right and I already have made calls and worked on the topics and the proposal-so for now, I have just stood up from the rocking chair to get to work and I am hoping that when am done I will not be tempted to take a rest again.

So, don't be like me, don't just sit there and talk about dreams and goals and do nothing about it- try, get up and get moving because it's better to try than quit. Better yet, you ought to try and see if it works, fight for your idea such that you learn as you live it.

Hate less, Love more: Fear less, Hope more.


  1. You know its really funny ,because I think that bug procastination is just floating around.Its like a cancer,this week has been my worst.I am the biggest procastinator ever .Just got my mojo back,and I even thought that this Saturday,I should go and just beg someone to take me in,you know.I am so going to push myself and just do it.

  2. True dat! Get up and get moving coz procrastination is like a bad friend always telling u that you're right on track even when you are walking into a ditch.


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