Saturday, September 22, 2012

Unexpected Encounters

Have you ever run into someone unexpectedly and just froze?
I think that happens to me once in a year, and when it does it feels like the whole world should just swallow me or maybe turn me into a butterfly so I can fly away in peace.
Well, running into people you least expect to- is like mist.
It's there and it's not- all that matters is how you experience it.
So, first of all if this is that guy who asked you out to lunch and you said you were in another town (just know that you are a pathetic liar, don't say you are out of town then go trotting around town). If it is your Landlord who needs his/her rent- learn how to negotiate and persuade them into believing that you will actually pay them.
If it is an ex who things ended with cursing and throwing stuff and making threats-well, just hope they are either fat or balding, if not then simply count your losses and apologize and ask of how they have been doing and wish them well. If this is hard or uncomfortable pull one of my best friend's lines 'long time, hope you're good, cool...em, have a fab day, it was nice seeing you.' Then you walk away slowly and when you are at least ten steps away from them, look back, smile and panic till you get home!

But no matter what happens, unexpected encounters always have a way of making us learn things about ourselves especially how we react when things spring up on you.
My sister, Jackie, always tells me that she never like running into people like that and always hopes that when she's going somewhere nothing like that happens- but I always hope to run into people like that-it makes it fun and just another way of getting something to blog about :-). Besides doesn't that beat a High School Reunion with everyone crammed into a room and people acting like they actually made it in life?