Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Journey Starts ....

The things about quests is that they are endless!
I'll give you an example Shrek went on a quest to get his land back and ended up marrying a an ogre of a princess!
Yes, and who else...well, I have to admit I only had a good Shrek opening!
So, what shall we say about the thing I intend to talk about? Yes, quests!
In life we seek something and some of us get it while others wander and never do- but the idea that we want to achieve something personal or even find ourselves is enough to keep me going. I have been spending enough time in hibernation of sorts to focus on writing a full length novel. You can read a sample chapter here .
But, what next?
What comes next after this?
Truth be told -the answer to that is I don't know but I do know that I will embrace whatever comes my way and hope to learn as much as I can from it. I learned all this after interacting with street boys at the Agape Center and I do get freaked out by them -because they are rough, speak their minds, are quick to bust each others' faces and jaws, but still- just knowing that to them life is one black hole that whatever comes is to be taken in whatever form one likes, gets me riled up.
It is also sad that one thing these boys dream of is a loving family- not one born out of incest, rape, bhang, battery and neglect.
I learned how to swipe things off people today and I make a poor pick pocket thief!
I am clumsy and not a very fast runner according to them- but the fact that they wanted me to have a glimpse of how they live on the streets got me thinking.
Two projects are underway in my head right now:
  1. Something on the changing diet of people in Kenya
  2. The concept of 'I had no choice' and whether people really lack a choice!
So, I guess my journey starts somewhere and wherever it takes me is wherever I will go hoping that what I learn is of use to someone if not for the mere thrill of finding out but because something inside me tells me to give it a try.