Friday, September 14, 2012

Unfriend You

"Unfriend You" Courtesy of: Azlyrics

I really thought you were the one
It was over before it begun
It's so hard for me to walk away
But I know I can't stay

You're beautiful and crazy too
Maybe that's why I fell into you
Even though you would pretend to be
You were never with me

So it's over yeah we're through, so I'm a unfriend you
You're the best liar ever knew, so I'll unfriend you
Cause I should have known, right from the start
I'm deleting you right from my heart
Yeah it's over, my last move is to unfriend you

Call me crazy (which I admit I am, at times ) but I like listening to Greyson Chance . He is a fifteen year old boy with a voice you'd melt over and his lyrics are not happy-preppy-jumpy like most teen musicians but they have more soul and emotions to them.
There! I love listening to a fifteen year old!
Well,let's be honest- music is the only language that everyone understands. Last week I proved that by listening to M.Pokora who sings in French and my friends found themselves nodding their heads and moving their feet. Yeah, point is music is about beats too.
But, sometimes things happen and the only solace you have is music.
I once saw this tweet that you understand music only when something happens to you or when you are down. 
But, this song "Unfriend You" relates to what I felt like when a friend reminded me of my ex-boyfriend. He'd seen him in town and he was happy they caught up and he even told me 'yeah, t'was good seeing him.' I found it grand that I am the only person who is great friends with their exes-not because I can, but for the fact that they were like a challenge that made me stronger and I want to keep them in my life as a reminded of how strong I am (sooo selfish, I know!)
But, at times we have to "unfriend" people and move on. It's simple if anyone posts awful comments on your Facebook wall or tags you in pictures you hate you simply unfriend them!
If they do so on Twitter you could "unfollow" them.

But if this person is someone you'll still interact with at some point in your life- unfriend them because you know you need to and let them know that they broke your trust in them and so pray that they'd change that aspect of them and live a better life. And most of all that they never do that to anyone else.