Wednesday, October 3, 2012

So I learned

It's been a wonderful week.
I successfully wrote 45 pages of a story without clicking the delete button. I also learned that contrary to my efforts of gaining at least three kilograms in weight, well I lost 3.86.
I also learned that I can make over eight different kinds of coffee-you know, just blending whatever comes to mind-and who knew that ice-cream, coffee and chocolate could make a girl numb? Talk of a brain freeze, but that's what I so hope to get to make next month.

Okay, why next month?
I learned a couple of things after stepping down from Agape Ministry.
  1. Life is what I really make it.
  2. With Counseling, results are not immediate and you are bound to be disappointed every breathing second!
  3. Not everyone will really appreciate how I view life.
  4. The Afro is the sexiest thing a woman can spot when it's 31 degrees Celcius!
  5. Patience is a virtue, that to me is elusive if not non-existent.
  6. The truth is ugly, but liars are the ugliest.
  7. Liars however ugly or selfish, still do deserve some dignity
  8. If you have something to say, for Heaven's sake, 'say it!'
  9. Writing is a chore, you have to get it done and get moving. It is also like a drug, you want a fix every time and once you start you cannot stop.
  10. Never, ever think that your ex's parents will forget the fact that you dated their child and they had hopes of you two actually getting married. (And yes, I was made to listen to a talk of which the premise was 'what happened?' I couldn't say 'ask your Son' instead I said 'we just needed different things, am glad he's happy and better now.' Of course after this I smiled and hoped to God that my heart would wait for me, since it was already ten miles ahead of me)
We accumulate so many things in life. It's like a contest for who has the most stuff. Who has the best this and that, but never about who has the strongest will or best personality.
So, it got me riled up to the point of simply writing for hours about it. I went through my journals dating as far as 2006, to know what happened in my life on specific dates and if I have grown character-wise. Turns out that my handwriting has stayed the same, only more structured. And yes, I have experienced so much to have a change of perspective and that's what I've learned.
It's not about how many and how much you have, but it's about whether you have the heart to appreciate it and influence the world positively with it.

Hate less, Love more: Fear less, Hope more.

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