Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Coward I am

I am a coward to some people because I walk away from arguments. I posted this on my facebook wall and got some six comments as to how much of a coward I am. So, having been told by some people that I am coward- I smiled and laughed about it.
Does walking away from an argument label you as a coward?
Does it mean that whoever walks away every time tempers flare is the coward, or is he/she the one sensible enough to control his/her temper?
I have often confessed that I have the shortest temper ever! I get mad so fast that the rage burns within me like an inferno. When I'm mad I can say the meanest things ever. When I am mad and pushed to say such mean things I often severe ties with the person I was confronting, because I do not forgive easily.
So, apart from affirming that people say things they haven't thought through on FaceBook, I also learned that very few have an idea as to what self-control is in an argument.
In fact very few of those who commented on my post-did not ask what kind of argument I'd insinuated- as they immediately concluded that I was talking about arguments as a whole. I do enjoy engaging in debates, especially on matters Psychological and Philosophical- but any argument dealing with emotions- leaves me ready to walk out so fast at times I swear I'm running away.
It's been a long day- but a lot of beautiful things have happened. On top of that list is the fact that going against the norm is the best way to learn who you truly are. I learned today too that what others say may be a true reflection of what they fear. Someone is afraid of being deemed a coward because he/she walked away from an argument. I did also have a conversation (Google + Hangout) with a Tai Chi master,and he found it weird that people never understand how raging waters are the most calm at the surface. He said simply, 'those who walk away carry with them what would have destroyed their opponent.' Now that I think about it on all the Kung Fu movies I have watched the best fighters are always calm- and they never want to fight, just to understand the other person. Grace (my almost best friend) says that if I would have stayed an argued with my ex, then maybe he would have understood that I still loved him enough to mend his ways-and to that, I told her to visit my Smashwords page and read all my ebooks.
Call me a coward, but walking away saves me from beating up someone, destroying things, or saying things that I can never take back.