Saturday, November 24, 2012

What does it mean to Create?

"What inspires you to write?"
I have answered this question so  many times- and in all those moments the only thing that rings in my mind is "life." I have never told anyone this-for fear of being told to expound. See, if you tell that to someone who creates something-then they'll understand- but how can you do so with words?
Grace (my almost best friend now) knows this better than anyone. She's a   Painter. She hates it when people ask her where she finds her inspiration. She would rather say "no comment" than choke the life out of them. I wonder if it was Aristotle, Sophocles or Plato- but one of them wanted to teach his student the meaning of passion. What it means to yearn for something and give it your all, even if it means losing your life in the process. He immersed the student's head in water for so long- until the student started fighting for his life. When the student fought so hard to breathe-he lifted his head out the water and told him, "that's passion."
But, we all create something. We all have it within us to create something-some take it to heart while others do not. So, whenever someone asks me what inspires me, the only true answer is "life." I am alive and as a result can learn so much about what is within and without me. It is not some kind of awareness but more of a force. It's so strong that at times I hate myself for giving in to it. At such times people have often found me nosy and a bore. Imagine pulling out a notebook to write something in the middle of a conversation. I have saved drafts on my phone at times, but nothing draws me back to life like a handwritten note-it's no wonder I still love receiving a hand written letter.
Then, what does it mean to create?
Passion, time, pain, joy, any other dimension you might think of; but creation is a process, it is nagging and requires attention and neglect, it's like the wind-forever changing course but still blowing. I don't know if you get this-but it is like so.
I also learned that for a person who loves words- I'm rendered speechless at times. I also learned that whatever is within you that drives you to create is something that no matter how hard you try, you cannot surely describe it to perfection. It is evident that with this post, nothing of what I truly feel has come it right. It's like I am tripping all over my words.
Hate less, Love more: Fear less, Hope more.