Friday, November 16, 2012

True Friendship courtesy of Books

Books can teach you so much.
There are books that I have loved more than the authors themselves (for reasons I cannot explain) but simply because the books opened a new world to me- a world in which after speaking with the author for ten minutes, was not as beautiful as the words they published. True- call it bad luck or impatience, but talking and writing are not the same thing! One involves the mouth the other- well more of things left unsaid! But, in my desperation to understand what made the Writer create such a world- I have often been provided with answers that were not soulful!
I just read Shift by Jennifer Bradbury and loved how she depicts this loyalty between two friends- Chris and Win. Chris comes from a stable and loving home and he loves biking. Win comes from a rich family- a pushy Dad, absent Mom and he's forever being forced to be what his Father wants. He's developed a talent for causing trouble and he sets out biking with Chris. Only thing is- he never returns home from their trip. Chris goes to college- but is being investigated and followed by the FBI because Win's Dad wants his son home in time for orientation at an Ivy League school- Dartmouth. So, Chris later on discovers through some postcards that Win is alive and is staying at a farm-they crashed in while biking and he sets out looking to set things straight-and in the moment of their confrontation- they both learn that Win is happy. He is at peace and loves working at the farm, cooking and simply thinking for himself for once. Chris understands that Win will go home when he needs to-and leaves for college having understood his friend better. He however doesn't tell Win's parents where their son is-because he sees that they'll never truly love and understand him and that's where it sets off.
I also loved reading Frieda and Min by Pamela Jooste who are best friends in the thickest and toughest times of Apartheid- and they are always there for each other even when Min is jailed and Frieda has to move to South Africa to raise Min's Son.
And who can forget The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini ? The famous line "For you a thousand times over?" The friendship between Amir and Hassan- and how years later, continents apart-Amir sets for home to find the Hassan's son and unravel the mystery behind their childhood. I also finished reading Changing My Wardrobe by Deb Hanrahan a story about teenagers and bullying in high school that sees one girl Lindsey take a bullet for her best friend Teeny- yeah- that was dramatic, but I loved it nonetheless.
I have good friends and family and good health and for all these I am grateful. But with time I have come to learn that what you have is to be cherished and at times I do cherish the world that good books allow me to dwell in- and that's why I can still cherish true friendship.

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?