Sunday, November 18, 2012

Back in High School

High School is fun right?
Well, let's change that a bit- high school has its highs and lows, right? I can explain that best-given that I was lucky enough to spend 4 whole years in such an institution.
Welcome to my memory- of St. Alberts Ulanda Girls High School.
So here's the low down:
  • Uniform- White shirt, Navy blue sweater, Tetress skirt (still don't know what that means, but they skirts were four sizes larger than us in the first year) very flat comfortable black Bata shoes!
  • Location: Sare- Awendo- literally in the middle of a sugarcane plantation.
  • The Students: Awesome-last I recall.
So, now that you have the low down- I was talking to a friend when all this came to mind. High school was pretty interesting and now my younger sister's perspectives are as blurry as something I choked up on. See, back then life was all about making through the school term without (a) punishments (b) stress (c) feeling like a loser.
We called them "outings" back then but now they still relish the term "funkiez" and this included Drama festivals where we'd meet our friends from other schools and even get the chance to chat up a few guys with the hope of them being foolish enough to write to us declaring their love for us.
Being in an all-girl school, I learned what it means to be betrayed by words- and not actions. See, when your friend talks ill behind your back-it hurts more than if this friend were a boy. I also learned that really there could be friends who love you for who you are even beyond high school. But it's also in high school where my love for writing and reading grew. It's because I had friends who wrote short stories that made me want to write more. I read stories written by Rubi Alila and loved talking to Grace Jairo , Stephane Beryl , Turrie Okwar and my loveliest Daughter Jill Abura .
It was in high school that I learned that there's something in me that loves music, dance and letter writing. I loved watching my friends' faces light up as they read letters, some even day-dreamed as they thought of their boyfriends and this often made me ask when I'd get to do that as a Writer. Would people swoon as much at my work, or would they find it a bore? They were questions back then- but to me they still live on. I learned of first loves, great friends and things left unsaid too. I learned that you graduate from high school- but what matters the most is what you learned about living whilst there that counts.

Hate less, Love more: Fear less, Hope more.