Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Why do you have to Repeat things?

I love it when people repeat things!
Maybe that's why I love listening to music and watching various commercials on television. Maybe that's why I don't love watching movies as much as I love to read books.
Why do people repeat themselves? Some do for emphasis, others just to show off-some because they suffer from amnesia, but the bottom line is- we all repeat ourselves at some time. Have you ever heard of the repetition principle ? To quote it " If something happens often enough, I will eventually be persuaded." In Kenya- there are a couple of people who have come to understand that repetition could be a form of hypnosis. That's why while you watch the television-there are certain commercials that are slotted for various times, to always appeal to a part of your senses. That's why my nephew has come to love the "yogho yogho" commercial on Citizen TV. On radio- I am always baffled by one station- Kiss Fm. If you listen to a show you'd notice that a song is either played twice or thrice. If you happen to listen to the station the whole day- you'll have three songs stuck in your head like glue! At the moment their most replayed songs are :
  1. Beauty and the Beat- Justin Bieber feat. Nicki Minaj
  2. Sitolia- Willy Paul and Gloria Muliro
  3. Hall of Fame- The Script feat. Will.i.am
  4. Diamonds- Rihanna
I know all this because my nephew's Nanny loves to listen to that station, and it gets to my nerves-because I am a huge fan of Daughtry and the station has never played any of their songs because it's not a genre they specialize in.  But I thought about it and how music can at times make us feel better-just words, beats and they simply move us more than anything.
People repeat things because they want you to get them in your head. Their words become some kind of reminder in your mind. So, why do some people tend to get mad when you repeat things? A friend told me that at times some people do it with such force it seems like an insult. She hates it how her sister always lashes out at her fiancee "and don't you dare forget, like you always do..."
Repeating things is fun if you ask me-only in music. Listen to songs by   
Lady Gaga and you'll notice lots of repetition- just like poetry has rhyme, songs do have the same. 
If you have to repeat things-especially words-don't hate it as much, because if in speech it's a turn off- why is it not in poetry, spoken word,  music, drama?
Take your time and listen closely to what is communicated around you and you'll be shocked to learn that most things are repeated- not because people are dumb, but because people are busy and the only way to catch their attention is to remind them every few minutes of what's happening.

Image in the post- courtesy of Google Images