Sunday, November 11, 2012

Why I love Mondays!

Monday Sucks!
Well, you're are so wrong in my world.
Monday is my favorite day of the week. Some part of me shared this on Facebook and I got so many comments most of them totally proclaiming that I am insane-well, I may be to them, but who isn't insane on Facebook and don't get me started on Instagram!
So, here it goes, why do I of all the working people love Monday?
For starters, I was born on a Tuesday. I am Tuesday's Child . Legend (honestly it's just History) has it that Tuesday's Child was initially Monday's child, given that to most Christian Leaders then Sunday was considered their Sabbath. So, to them the rhyme famously known as Tuesday's Child was a way of sugarcoating the fact that the child was born on Monday.
So, back to what I was saying- I am Tuesday's Child and as such full of grace (or not, I don't know). But, I love Mondays because I love new beginnings.
Yes, I love the fact that I can always start the week my way and choose how to react to whatever comes my way.
Starting the week with - aaargh!!!!!!!!!! Monday is here!- to me always means, Friday has to get here quick before I shout at people, get mad at stationery or simply curse my life away while stuck in traffic, so it doesn't do me any good.
I love Mondays because:
  1. It's a new week all the same
  2. I get to focus on some goals to achieve and how I would like that to go.
  3. Every body hates Mondays- yet they always have to go through it.
  4. Monday is write a love poem day for me.
  5. Monday is the day I get to read more on #StudyHacks
  6. I practice Chinese Pinyin Character strokes on Monday
  7. Since everyone is in a foul mood on Monday- I always have a reason to practice my patience by smiling even when I feel like punching their paces.
-- So...since tomorrow is Monday :-) I totally wish you an awesome day.
How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?