Thursday, November 8, 2012

Let's see if I still Got this

I don't know what this is about.
Frankly speaking, I am Free writing . Just putting down my thoughts on paper and letting it all make sense or not- but still writing. I am listening to  The Script .
I was once told that everything I do has to come from the heart- but later on Miguel de Cervantes told me "The Pen is the tongue of the soul." I believed Miguel and since then it's been a full circle relationship. But somewhere along the line, I became a mystery unto myself and now I am doing what I have been for the past two years "living." Yes, I find myself every second. I am hot and cold. I have the shortest temper ever. I love coffee, music, and books. I collect pens and pencils. I have been collecting sketch pads of late and Pelikan pens. I also collect clouds and emotions. I am like a positively charges cloud that forever attracts people's emotions, fears and dreams and that's no wonder I am ever changing. My team partner at work told me "you need an old soul to understand you, that's why you will probably do good dating a man who is ten or twenty years older than you." I smiled at this to hide the urge of knocking him out. 
But, in all this I am glad that life has come my way. I am glad that I have my friends and family and I am able to walk, talk, read, write and mostly to listen to music. A friend from high school called last evening. She had gotten my number from another friend and wanted to hear my voice. It had been years and I asked how her brother was doing. We both know I had this huge crush on her brother and she went silent. I asked her again and all she could say was "I will inbox you." 
I'm trying to see if I still got this because it seems as though I haven't. Her  brother got married, and two weeks after their wedding had an accident. Some drunk driver almost ran into his wife as they were waiting for a bus home- and in his attempt to protect her, he was actually ran over. He lost his right leg and she's still by his side. He is learning to walk on crutches before he can get a prosthetic. He has been through a whole lot and she just needed to hear my voice to remind her that life is still worth living. I still don't know if I got this, but there's hope and if there's anything worth living for is the fact that every second is different if you let it be. Every dawn holds so much promise if you would only go for it. Every sunset is a reminded or how long we lived and how much time we had to achieve something.
Let's see if I still got this...