Monday, December 24, 2012

All I want for Christmas

Nothing much-just hugs!
Okay- maybe let me explain or rephrase that-"nothing much- just hugs."
Really? Well, this year has been wonderful-and who knew that someone could reach a breaking point, get hurt, cry and heal with time and the cycle continues? I know.
So-since it's the holidays I went through my journals to figure out the things I wished for every Christmas and here's the short version of it all:
  • 1997- My Dad
  • 1998- My Dad, and a new pair of sketchers
  • 1999- A letter from my primary school crush- (I had to wait 6 years to get this and a kiss from him too, which turned out pretty cool if you'd ask me.)
  • 2000- A Barbie Doll and for God to eradicate my annoying Science Teacher-who hated my guts just coz I couldn't cover up for him when he missed lessons!
  • 2001- 350 marks and above-and a calling letter from a good Girls Boarding school. I wished to have my Dad with us too. My Aunt Loyce gave me 200 shillings for Christmas and it was the best year then. 
  • 2002- Christmas to extend coz I didn't want to go back to St.Albert's Ulanda high school.
  • 2003- Clothes, clothes and clothes
  • 2004- Clothes, and letters from my friends and of course lots of cake and juice and ice-cream
  • 2005-A call from my high school boyfriend, (he called once-the reception was bad-and he even managed to hear me yell at our dog-Pop)
  • 2006- A vacation 
  • 2007- A new journal and set of Pelikan Fine Point pens- (my Mom bought me these plus an extra three exercise books-and she urged me to write.)
  • 2008- Internship at UNEP and Al-Jazeera offices and this worked out in my favor.
  • 2009- Converse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Six pairs of them (I got three, plus a Simple Plan CD and Mikes Chair album)
  • 2010- The truth from love- but turned out he lied so much-I found every word he said funny (I would later on write stories about my pain and experiences-you can visit my Author Page )
  • 2011- Graduation!
  • 2012- that was fast! But I would want hugs only-because I have now and it's all that matters-so I will cherish that and hope to share so much more too.
I am glad that you might be nothing like me- but if you look over the years, you will notice that you've wanted to achieve something and whether you did or not-what matters is that you have the gift. This is not being cryptic or going Master Yoda on you-but we all have precious gifts like time, breath, touch, smell, taste, hearing, sight-and connections to people and the world. I'll say that for a planner-I also acknowledge the fact that though I hope for tomorrow I already have now and it's beautiful as well, so you may want the world for Christmas, but look on the bright side-what do you have to offer the world?