Friday, December 28, 2012

Taking Chances

I love it when someone uses the line "take a chance on me" because it reminds me of Abba! It's that serious people! But, life has it's times and with every moment we can choose to learn both negative and positive aspects of it.
I find it perfect.
It is not as rosy or peachy as my friends often believe I think, it's just what it is. History shows that we've made a mess of the environment and societies. The same people we regard as humans have waged wars, tormented people, saved people, helped and still nothing comes close to the perfect definition of life. I'd say, it is the most beautiful composed mess-like a ticking bomb, that soothes us when we want to be on high. But, that's just it-somewhere along the line as we grow up we forget what it means to take a chance. It's like we have so much caution in us that every action has a "STOP" sign on it. I will explain this using how bold men are. Yes, and this example can also be applied to some women-but not all. A man goes to the club with his friends with two things on his mind: a woman, and her phone number. It's that simple and though some people have often seen it as a primitive instinct, well- if you think so better contact Sigmund Freud, to know just how mistaken you are. So, I asked a few guys how it goes down. And they said it doesn't matter how many turn them down, how they do it and all, but what counts is the fact that they engage in a conversation and give a number.Emoji
Men do this all the time when it comes to dating and relationships.
Kids do this all the time as they grow up. Teens forget this because they are forever being asked to grow up and act their age. Adults don't do this because there's the fact that nobody likes to make a fool of themselves. It's funny how people would rather watch a comedy show where someone does that-and they laugh about it.
But, today has had it's good and bad times. I might be sitting here wondering what to do and how to work through it all-but one thing is certain, "it's been a day well lived." I have learned things about me and the people I love, and there's more to that and I am looking forward to my next breath too. So, before I sign out and consider this posted- "thank you for taking a chance and reading this to the end" (well, it ends in a few seconds).
Thank you for having come thus far-whatever your struggles or fun times, you have certainly lived and there's more you can do like, taking on more chances and seeing just how far you can get and how awesome you are.