Thursday, December 6, 2012

Why Write?

Why do anything?
I mean, seriously, why do we do anything?
I've heard people come up to me and ask me this so many times and I have been tempted to tell off some-but I know they'll never let it go. So, I asked a few people why they do anything. And some of the responses I got were:
  1. Just 'coz
  2. You love what you do
  3. You'll gain something from it
  4. You've been told to
  5. You've been forced to
  6. You want to hit back
  7. You can
  8. You want to prove that you can
  9. You want people to like you
  10. You want people to know that you are good at it-more like sharing your talent with people.
  11. Who cares? At times you don't know.
So, when I'm asked "Why do you write?" I have often retorted "why do you read?" And then went on to ask "what would you do if there wasn't anything to read?" Some would say they'd watch movies or listen to songs. Then I'd tell them that movies were based on scripts, and even songs are written down or typed before they are produced in audio. So, if there was no trace of any written work-what would they do then? And in response I have been called "crazy." But you'd say that is being very defensive, but truth be told I write. That's just it, I love writing, and at times when it seems as though what I am working on is not to my liking I keep at it. My Mom says that for everything you do, it's like making a pot. You start with clay, and knead a dough of it using water. You'll have to mould it into shape, and put it in a kiln, to get a good pot. It's a process, you experience different emotions at every step.
I also love what these two have to say on Why Write and George Orwell- Why I Write
Writing is neither easy nor hard. Writing is an experience-and like all experiences what matters is your attitude and determination. How much time, resources and attention you give it matters. So, before you are led to believe that you should not write, pull out your pen and start writing.
How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?